Game changing SaaS-solutions for FMCG and Retail companies.

''Make data truly useful.''

Visualfabriq lets its clients unleash the excellence of people within their organization, by making better decisions using all available data. No more extreme expensive, inert and inflexible tools. Clients easily and instantly have access to the best insights, 24/7, against much lower costs than they are used to. Welcome to the agile world of visualfabriq.

A unique data platform and its suite of applications allows clients to unlock, integrate and transform all data they have and all data they need. Better! Faster! Cheaper!


About visualfabriq

Visualfabriq's founders worked in the business of retail and packaged food companies. They loved their jobs, but there was one thing that bothered them: they weren’t able to unlock all necessary data, easily and instantly

They knew exactly what they needed to unleash it. They searched for the best tools in the world, but they couldn’t find the agile and flexible solution that really did what was necessary. So they decided to build it themselves, which resulted in the visualfabriq data platform and its suite of applications. Now their customers recognize what visualfabriq's founders wanted for themselves, and deliver to them: better, faster and cheaper useful solutions.

At the beginning of 2013 Jaco and Carst started visualfabriq. Now they have an office in Breukelen and looking for presence in South-Africa, working together with a development company in Granada, 15 employees, international leading corporate clients and hundreds of users.

Visualfabriq offers a unique data platform that allows clients to:

  • Unlock all relevant data instantly;

  • Transform data into insights in minutes;

  • Make perfect business decisions 24/7, at much lower costs and with a significantly higher return on investment.

No more static and outdated reports, no more dependency on others.


Clients and projects

Visualfabriq wants to give FMCG and retail professionals back their craftsmanship and make data truly useful. By using the company's unique platform clients are able to independently make excellent decisions at any time. 

The data platform development has resulted in two applications (with more to follow soon):

  • Trade Promotion Master™ - The only end-to-end trade promotion management application in the world allowing clients to plan, track, optimize and evaluate the entire promotion process within a few minutes at one single point of entry.

  • Retail & Shopper Insights™ - Instantly create useable insights about shoppers, their buying behaviour, assortments and pricing.

Clients of visualfabriq include:


Working at visualfabriq:

“The field is open for you to have different working experiences and to learn, stretch yourself and excel in new places. Positions aren’t fixed in a start-up; you get the chance, for a while, to be a jack-of-all-trades as you roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done to build the business and bring an entrepreneurial vision into reality. I saw it as a fantastic career opportunity and a risk I was very happy to take.” 

“Visualfabriq hit the ground running with a number of great customers, so right from the beginning we had a lot on our plates. What we had on our side, was a great team of committed people who were determined to get our game-changing solutions into those first customers’ hands.  These early implementations were filled with learning and we’ve used that to take a great step up in our processes, procedures and routines. Led by our COO, Sjaak Langeveld, we’ve positioned ourselves to go from start-up to scale-up, ready to take on more implementations.” Mike van der Niet, visualfabriq’s first employee.

Mike started out at visualfabriq, working closely with the tech team in Granada while fulfilling the role of Chief on-the–ground implementer for early Dutch clients Heineken and Unilever Netherlands.

''Everyone is working very, very hard.''

“Everyone on the team is working very, very hard. It’s typical of a start-up that you throw yourself into whatever needs to get done, and you are naturally agile just because you are small. But as you grow, how the business’s resources are used on a daily basis needs to be clear and structured. Agility needs to become entrenched in the structure of the business, through the carefully considered processes and procedures that you put in place. With proper management of resources, especially of the talent that is in high demand, you can better define priorities and achieve clarity, which makes it easier to satisfy customers."

“We’re having exciting conversations at this time with potential partners around the world. We’ve already taken on our first South African customer: Tiger Brands. As we look at our potential to expand significantly into the global marketplace, we’re exploring opportunities to engage with likeminded project and change management specialists who offer on-the-ground, local expertise and services to support the international implementation of visualfabriq’s game-changing Trade Promotion Master™ and Retail Solutions. It’s all a lot of fun!” - Sjaak Langeveld, COO


Where is visualfabriq located?

Visualfabriq is located in Breukelen. The offices are located next to the A2, which makes them easy to reach by car. The nearest train station is located just 10 minutes away.


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