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Trifork is a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions

"Trifork takes responsibility for developing, implementing and optimizing IT solutions and supports the adoption of the latest technologies."



About Trifork

Trifork is a software development company situated in Aarhus, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Krakow, London, Leeds, Stockholm and Zurich. They have more than 400 employees around the world. Trifork delivers innovative business driven IT development creating competitive advantages for our clients using an agile approach.

"Our mission is to empower our customers by bringing new technology and know-how into use."

Trifork’s vision is to be known as the company that inspires and advises on the optimization of business critical IT systems. Trifork takes future IT technologies and puts them to use for customers.

Trifork organizes several conferences about software development; GOTO & QCON are global conferences hosted around the world. The idea for GOTO (formerly known as JAOO) came about in the late 1990’s as the management at Trifork was dissatisfied with the conferences that existed. They wanted to create a forum that would give the development staff inspiration, energy and desire to learn, coupled with the chance to network and to simply hang out with some of the “rock stars” of the IT community.

"Trifork organizes conferences all over the world under the motto: for developers, by developers."

Now, 14 years later, the concept has grown from a small software conference to some of the leading developer conferences in the world.




Working at Trifork 

At Trifork they’re always on the look-out for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to perform as team players. Trifork offers the following great job characteristics:

  • Think knowledge share! Trifork organizes cutting edge knowledge share environments with leading industry developer GOTO conferences, GOTO nights, tech meetup sessions and much more.
  • Think new open source technology! Trifork develops software within the latest open source technology sphere. ElasticSearch, Neo4J, CQRS / Axon Java8, Docker, and the latest Spring stuff to mention a few.
  • Think continuous learning! With Trifork you can learn from your colleagues and industry experts … and Trifork hopefully from yours.
  • Think new challenges! Our projects are highly challenging and Trifork only accepts excellent quality.
  • Think passion! Software development is Trifork's passion.
  • Think entrepreneurship! Trifork encourages new ideas and to support and participate in several start-ups in healthcare, internet-of-things, big data, hospitality and education.
  • Think super cool culture! Trifork believes small is beautiful! Everyone knows each other – you have a say in what they do. Their culture is open and highly informal.
"Imagine being able to say: I am part of the next generation."

The Trifork Academy
With the software industry being under constant development, we are dedicated to encouraging an environment of continuous learning and innovation. Trifork offers a growing set of training courses and workshops focused on developers, which can be delivered at a location of your choosing. Trifork covers both theory and hands-on sessions enabling an interactive learning environment.

The lecturers are often our own software pilots specialists. They are involved with the software technologies on a daily basis and have the know how both from theoretical insight and practical experience to provide you with in-depth knowledge. 

Look for current vacancies from Trifork at Bonque.nl.



Where is Trifork located?

Trifork is located in Eindhoven. The office can easily be reached by public transport or by car. 





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