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Pritle is a new modern, simple to use online wealth manager that helps customers get more out of their money.

"Invest for a sunny day. Think ahead."



About Pritle

Pritle is a smart and simple way to invest. In order to keep costs low and improve customer return, Pritle mainly invests in globally diversified, low cost index funds. They show the expected return of your investments based on extensive research.

Set a goal, Pritle defines a growth path for you. If your portfolio deviates from your growth path, you will receive an alert on how to get your goal back on track. They gradually reduce your investment risks over time as your goal nears.

Pritle is accessible from as little as €10 and up to 70% more cost efficient than many banks and wealth managers.

You can easily set and track your financial goals. Your investment risk is cleverly reduced as you get closer to your investment goals and every euro remains accessible every day.

Pritle. You invest. We manage.



Working at Pritle

At Pritle they are passionate about what they do. They help people to get more out of their money and are always on the lookout for people who share their ambitions, have a positive attitude, skills and endeavor to further enhance and strengthen their team.


  • 5 days a week
  • 1 year contract and permanent after that (subject to performance)
  • International developers are warmly welcomed as much as Dutch developers
  • Opportunity to be placed in other countries across Europe upon expansion
  • Work in the driven distributed Agile team




The Pritle organization consists of 28 experienced professionals with an extensive international background.

The founders and directors Thomas Bunnik (CEO), Stewart Bowers (CFO), and Azman Hamid (Risk & Legal Director) have over 50 years of collective experience in financial and technology services.

The Pritle Management Team consists of in total nine professionals, each with years of experience in areas such as investment models, technology and financial management.

The Director of Stichting Pritle operates seperate from the wealth management service provider Pritle. Stichting Pritle guarantees the right handling and administration of your investments.



Where is Pritle located?

Pritle’s office is located in Amsterdam. The office is overlooking the magnificent IJ waters that separate the North of Amsterdam from the heart of the city center. Pritle can easily be reached by public transport and by car.





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