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MPO is fast growing SaaS for Supply Chain Orchestration enabling Customer Chain Control. 

''Putting complex theory into simple practice.''  

MP Objects was founded in 2000 with the vision that shippers and logistics service providers need special software to manage the execution of their supply chains. Working for large international corporations, the founders of MP Objects concluded that just linking existing ERP, WMS and TMS does not bring integration and flexibility at the same time. Ever since, MP Objects has worked on putting complex theory into simple practice.


About MP Objects

Since the foundation of MP Objects in 2000, the component based software package has grown to the rich and versatile MPO Supply Chain Suite. The company is blessed with a team of talented international professionals, who serve customers on a day to day basis by putting complex theory into simple practice.

"Passionate professionals working across 3 continents and time zones."

Company mission

The mission of MP Objects is to be the leading software vendor of Flexible Order Management for Dynamic Supply Chain Services:

  • Top Customers: serving the leaders in supply chain management
  • Top Products: providing world class software as a service
  • Top Talents: working with the best professionals
  • Top Results: delivering the highest value for money

MP Objects is a private company under the laws of the Netherlands and has its headquarters in Rotterdam (Netherlands). This is where the core activities for marketing, sales and research & development are coordinated and performed. Apart from the Rotterdam office for the European business, MP Objects has an office in New York. From this office they organize the sales, implementation and support for the American market. MP Objects has an office in India as well, as an extension of the software development capacity. This office is also used as a step stone to the Asian market.

The core software organization is built of passionate professionals in Supply Chain Management and IT, working at university-PhD level across 3 continents and time zones.



MP Objects provides solutions in supply chain orchestration for clients in a wide variety of consumer, technology, healthcare and logistics segments. A selection of MP Objects' client portfolio is shown below.

Consumer Goods Industry 
MPO supports organisations in fashion, electronics, cosmetics, food & non-food and mobile communication. Among these are:


MPO delivers its solutions to companies working in computer technology, communication, engines, automotive technology, mining and energy. These include:

MPO has customers in the pharmaceutical industry, cardiovascular industry, endosurgery, orthopaedic branche and clinical nutrion industry. A selection:

MPO is involved in control towers, order management, warehouse management, air & sea transport and road distribution. A few of their customers:


Working at MP Objects

"Work hard, have fun and make history."


Company Values: 4xE

MP Objects believes in, stands for and delivers against.

Over the years MP Objects has established and is practicing a company culture with 4 core values:

  • Excellence: Deliver outstanding solutions to clients and their partners.
  • Expertise: Be the top player with specialized knowledge and extensive experience.
  • Enthusiasm: Be proud of the job and have genuine passion for the profession.
  • Ethics: Work with honesty, respect the rules and contribute to society.

A company culture can’t easily be created, but is merely the natural outcome of the shared values of the community members. While MP Objects has highly structured business processes, the company is glad to rely on core values acting as a compass indicating where to go if new challenges go beyond existing structures.

MP Objects' Smart Creatives love to work hard, have fun and make history. The company is always interested in top talents for its fast growing SaaS business. Working at MP Objects means joining an enthusiastic team of talented professionals in an open and informal company culture. The company offers you opportunities to develop your skills and grow your knowledge and provides excellent benefits and compensation.


Where is MP Objects located?

MP Objects has offices in Europe, Asia and Northern America. The Europe offices and headquarters of MP Objects are located in Rotterdam, in the 'Groot Handelsgebouw' next to Rotterdam Central Station.



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