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Emcatron develops high-tech electronics for measurement and control technology. The company develops and designs hardware as well as software.

"Forward thinking developers in measurement and control."

Emcatron's solutions can accurately measure, log data, analyse data and control processes. These solutions span the full development of electronic development, from idea to implementation including research, advice, design, prototyping and manufacture preparation. The high quality data solutions bring a competitive edge to the company's customers.


About Emcatron

It is Emcatron's mission to make the impossible possible. With the company's knowledge of data and process control, it wants to contribute to a healthy environment and a healthy business for its customers. Measurement and control is Emcatron's expertise.

Emcatron started making electronics solutions for harsh environments in the 1980’s, as a development team of an electronics production company. During the 1990’s, the company additionally started focusing on the automotive industry. Emcatron's products and the harvested data changed this sector. More recently, the company added building and climate control for sustainable buildings to its product assortment.

The gathered knowledge for over 30 years has proven to keep up with new developments and challenges. This knowhow combined with young, creative and eager engineers enable Emcatron to take the products to a new level.


Clients and projects

Emcatron has delivered solutions in the automotive industry and in bulding climate control. The company creates equipment to measurement and control (production) processes in machines and whole factories as well.

"Emcatron is a pioneer."

Projects in the automotive sector include:

  • Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless solutions;
  • Trailer Data System;
  • Driver Awareness Panel;
  • Core / Flex data acquisition devices.

The products and projects in the bulding & climate control development field include:

  • Development of CO2-, temperature-, air pressure-, light intensity- and humidity- sensors;
  • Development of air flow measurement system;
  • Graphical representation of measurement results;
  • Actuators for valves and pumps;
  • Development of measurement and control processes, adaptable to customer-preferences, seasons and situation.

Projects developed for measurement & control include:

  • Measurement and control of the mirror focussing in telescope Gran Canaria – GranTeCan;
  • Recording system for cathodic protection of gas pipes – GasUnie;
  • All-weather-recorder to measure water quality in drink water production process;
  • Motor control unit for pipet dosing sampling in chemical industry – ChemSpeed.


Working at Emcatron

Emcatron is a fast growing horizontally organized company, offering an environment for creativity and self-development. The company is always looking for new talent to futher develop Emcatron's innovative solutions used worldwide. In addition to the current markets, the company is looking into opportunities to expand into new industries, which means new talent is wanted.

Emcatron is a pioneer, so every project will provide a new challenge. The company realises that, in order to create the best solutions, its employees are of great value. The family business' atmosphere is well-balanced and informal - giving attention to your colleagues is very important. Everyone is given room to develop themselves.


Where is Emcatron located ?

Emcatrons offices are located in Noordwijkerhout, between The Hague and Amsterdam.



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