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Senior Scala Developer bij Anchormen

Anchormen is growing fast! To provide our clients with optimal advice, we are looking for an experienced Scala Developer to play a major role in building and maintaining Big Data Platforms and in the production of data science models. We develop and deliver data-driven solutions and are not focused on one tool or technology. As an independent consultant and engineer your knowledge and expertise will contribute greatly to our colleagues and clients. A varied and challenging position, where technology is paramount. Would you like to fortify our team? lees verder

Senior javascript developer (CTO/NODEJS DEVOPS)

Penna is the first online knowledge sharing platform for schools. Penna facilitates easy sharing of fun, educational (extra-curricular) projects between schools. Furthermore, we offer schools an easy way to realize their favorite projects by using crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. The team behind Penna consists of passionate, professional initiators, developers and other creative minds. We want to help the next generation to get ready for the future. lees verder

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