TECH LEAD (Dutch speaking) bij Anchormen

Anchormen is growing fast! For our challenging and complex data projects, we are looking for a Tech Lead who will be able to ensure the motivation, enthusiasm, and quality of the projects.


The Technical Lead must be able to provide our clients with optimal advice and service while simultaneously monitor deadlines. He is able to manage and inspire his team to achieve the best results possible and actively participate in the development of the projects.

The Tech Lead will be directly responsible for the delivery of the solution and the quality of the project. He will manage the project team together with a Scrum Master (Anchormen’s Project Manager). He will remain in contact with the client and build a relationship, provide advice and SLA, monitor the planning, and communicate with the different internal and external stakeholders.

The Tech Lead's knowledge and energy is vital to our projects!


  • You develop alongside the team.
  • You identify and document the clients’ requirements and translate them into a high level design for data solutions together with the rest of your team.
  • You like to coach junior and medior engineers and support them where needed.
  • You have a helicopter view of the code design.
  • You manage the ongoing trade off between delivery and technical debt.
  • You organize code reviews with the project team to keep the quality of the project as high as possible.
  • You are responsible for managing the technical side of the project team.
  • You monitor progress and quality and communicate it to the client in collaboration with the Scrum Master.
  • You are proactive in sharing knowledge with the project team, Anchormen and external events (on- and offline).
  • It is (one of) the role of the Tech Lead to keep an eye open for new technologies.
  • You believe in the clean code principle.

Gevraagd wordt

  • You can speak and write in Dutch fluently.
  • You work and think at a Bachelors or Academic level.
  • You have a minimum of seven years experience as a software developer.
  • You have leadership abilities and are able to demonstrate your affinity for leading a project team.
  • You have an enthusiastic personality and are able to steer people in the right direction.
  • You have knowledge of multiple programming languages; the more, the better.
  • You have more than 3 years experience with Java or Scala.
  • You believe in the principle of "clean coding"; you don’t just write code for yourself or a computer, but for your colleagues.
  • You know how to set up Gitflow and CI/CD.
  • You have hands-on experience with technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, etc.
  • You are familiar with an agile way of working.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning is a plus.

Geboden wordt

  •   Friendly and cooperative colleagues 
  •   Progressive and tolerant company culture 
  •   Open-space working environment 
  •   Daily office fruit and snacks 
  •   Friday drinks 
  •   All the coffee you can consume 
  •  Competitive market salary 
  •  Travel allowance
  •  Possibility to attend congresses and events
  •  Being part of a fast-growing and innovative company 
  •  Training and development possibilities
  •  Bringing actual value to our clients


Anchormen zijn Data activators. Zij geloven dat data alleen waardevol is als je het activeert. Dat maakt hun tot wie ze zijn. Ze zijn resultaat gedreven van het begin tot het einde. Altijd op zoek naar creatieve manieren om bedrijfswaarde te creëren met data. Dit is hun primaire verantwoordelijkheid, van kick-off tot finale oplevering.

Bij Anchormen zijn ze constant bezig met het bijhouden van hun kennis en delen dit graag met de klanten. Dit leidt tot innovatieve en efficiënte nieuwe ideeën en projecten. Projecten die ze samen met de klanten plannen en uitvoeren. Dit maakt hun een betrouwbare partner.

Data is waardevol, maar het moet geactiveerd worden om waarde te creëren. Dit vraagt om analyse, ontwikkeling, implementatie en optimalisatie. Dit is niet alleen een proces, dit zit in hun DNA.

Pedro de Medinalaan 11 in AMSTERDAM
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