System Administrator bij Oxycoin

Oxycoin is looking for a System Administrator!


Oxycoin is looking for system administrators for The Hague, The Netherlands. The successful candidates will join an inspiring working environment, where they will work closely with the development team and our operations to maintain and improve our platform OCEAN.As a system administrator at Oxycoin, you will be member of the core team and responsible for maintaining our entire platform and third party services. Together with a team of architects, cyber security experts, developers, analysts, and designers from development perspective and our operational team members like support, compliance and management.

Job description:

You will focus specifically on maintaining and improving (the performance of) our platform, including integration of external services. Our core development team is highly focused and committed to make our product(s) successful. It’s your job to have their creations find fertile soil to blossom in our users hands.


• Monitoring our platform and third party services
• Ensuring proper performance
• Setting up new components with proper deployment integration

Gevraagd wordt

Required skills:
• Maintain and improve our cryptocurrency and blockchain platform
• Knowledge about Azure, Amazon, Heroku or Google Cloud
• Monitor and improve the performance of our platform
• Improve our (CI/CD) deployment process
• Independent, self-organizing

The following skills and experiences will be a BIG PLUS:
• Knowledge of Blockchain Technologies
• Understanding of mobile application development
• Understanding of signing and encryption
• Working experience as a developer
• Knowledge on CI/CD setup and improvements
• Financial and/or security background

Geboden wordt

You will be part of the devops team, which consists of enthusiastic and forward-looking professionals who believe in their work.  Our team spirit is honest & straight forward to make things happen in a new exciting blockchain world. We have great ambitions and you could be part of making these goals achievable in this new world. The work environment is stunning, including the location of our office.  We are one of the few blockchain development companies based in The Netherlands. The project is live and moving to our first release. If you are looking for an inspiring job with lots of challenges, then respond to this add. Are you the person we are looking for? Then let’s get things done!


Oxycoin is a cryptocurrency startup. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to use cryptocurrencies, and to help build the young and revolutionary blockchain ecosystem. To make crypto go mainstream, a lot needs to be done. That makes our work challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

Blockchain is the "next big thing" since the internet. This technology can be applied in a multitude of markets which makes working in this space diverse and full of opportunities. The market is still young, and the technology has many potential uses. Oxycoin plans to lead the process of unlocking that potential.

Technology is developing at a furious pace. Blockchain technologies are no different.
Blockchain technologies ensure a transparent, trustworthy environment when applied correctly. Demand for such applications will increase exponentially. This means the demand for expertise in the space will grow as well.

We believe in the power and promise of blockchain. We unlock that potential for people, businesses, and the world.
We connect companies with the blockchain, build consumer applications, and develop powerful tools for other companies and developers to use in their own projects.

Cryptocurrencies transmit data and value through the blockchain. This technology will revolutionize financial markets. Oxycoin is focused on global adoption, which means that compliance and integration with existing systems is a priority. We are compliant with all current and upcoming regulations, and work to anticipate and build for future developments.

Our people
As blockchain technology is so young, and the potential is so great, a wide variety of skillsets are needed to bring projects to fruition. Our team already includes experts in development, legal, banking, market analysis, and cyber security.
The work we do changes often and requires an independent, pioneering spirit. We work at a fast pace, with a constant focus on quality.

Core values
The market is looking for reliability, efficiency, safety, and trust.
In that regard, we strive to be transparent and approachable. Our products reflect the professionalism, eye for detail, and ambition that we bring to our work.

Oxycoin is housed in the World Trade Center in The Hague. The WTC is a nice location in the center of The Hague, excellent for networking and business opportunities.

We are extremely ambitious and wish to be the leader in many aspects of the Blockchain world. To achieve this, we created a powerful platform called OCEAN, which will be the platform for several products, starting with our mobile app. OCEAN's modular set up offers a broad selection of products for several markets.

Getting things done
Are you a professional who gets things done? Can you make a difference in a pioneering environment? If so, we offer a fantastic working environment, a high level of expertise in all fields, and an inspiring challenge.
Sound good? Feel free to stop by for a coffee or leave us an email. We will gladly listen to your story and are looking forward to expanding our team.

Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33 in DEN HAAG