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We look for developers that create bugs; we actually do! Want to know why? Because we believe that they are the type of people who have the guts to try new things, execute them and learn from it. We look for people that think outside the box. People that DO, test and learn, then test and learn again. Inspire your fellow teammates, make things happen and, by doing that, collectively create the digital future of travel.


Have you ever heard about a company that loves its legacy code? Well, you do now. Why? Because it inspires us. It shows us that we are doing something new, something bigger and it proves that we are moving forward and leaving legacy behind.

We are looking for a software engineer to join our Smart Switch Development team. You will become one of the technical wizards that ensure our highly complex systems run smoothly and will keep on bringing added value to the hoteliers using it. In our fully cloud-based ecosystem, you will have all the freedom in the world to challenge yourself and have fun doing it. Yes, we expect a lot but have a lot to offer as well.

How can we push you above your limits? We actually listen and want to know what your goals are. We are always trying to align what you want with our long term vision; Helping Hoteliers creating the ultimate guest experience!

We will offer the tools, training, resources and the right ecosystem for you the be the best version of yourself. We don’t look for talent, we hire for attitude. The only way for SmartHOTEL to succeed is for you to be in the right place. Reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground!

What is your ambition? What are you looking for? Can SmartHOTEL help you to get there?

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It is not that complicated, basically, we look for a software engineer/developer who is passionate about software and will be eager to do his or her job right. We believe that frameworks can be learned quickly but the attitude for writing quality code can’t. Experience with the hospitality industry would be a great advantage just like experience with Microsoft Azure (App services, Service bus, Storage, Application Insights), Web apps, WCF services, Databases, SQL Server, Visual Studio Team Services, Scrum, Continuous build & deployment.

On the other hand, we also believe that with the right attitude all of the expertise mentioned before can be mastered within days. Necessities to get through your first months successfully would be a pro-active attitude and sufficient knowledge of the basics that we are working with which are Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and .NET.

So what will you be doing? You will be developing, you will be typing code and you will be designing smart solutions in order to move forward as a team. What you will be doing concretely on a daily basis is difficult to catch in bullets. All we can promise is that you will be challenged about your software engineering but also on communicative skills. We will always align your internal accountabilities with your personal goals in order to make the most out of our relationship!

To blend in with the team, make sure you stay up to date on Game of Thrones and have some knowledge about the general rules of pool and darts. If you are a keen pin-ball player then you will definitely get on.

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SmartHOTEL is a small (+/-25 FTE) and innovative software development company which works closely together with industry leaders like Oracle (formerly MICROS) and Microsoft. At SmartHOTEL we help hoteliers worldwide with consultancy services and by providing them with our Smart Software. Our technical solutions seamlessly connect industry leading systems (PMS, CRS, OTA’s). One of our strengths is OTA distribution whereby we synchronize hotels’ availability and prices via two way XML connections with over 70 OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) like, Expedia and GTA. The development methodology used is BusDevOps incorporated with Agile/Scrum with which we stimulate a strong collaboration between the various circles (departments) in the company. All solutions we develop are fully cloud based (Azure) and are making use of the latest Microsoft technologies.

We make use of Visual Studio Team Services and work in small teams that are responsible for various part of the code base. The work atmosphere is informal whereby pro activeness and own initiative is highly encouraged. As we are a dynamic team making use of Holacracy principles, you could be assigned to other roles besides your main roles. These will be valuable learning experiences that will help you grow rapidly in the company. You will be in charge of several projects on your own and therefore we expect you to be able to take responsibility in managing your own portfolio.

Our spacey, but nevertheless cozy, office is located Reeuwijk, right in between The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Well reachable by public transport via Gouda Station and enough parking spots available if you will be travelling by car.

Einsteinstraat 5 in REEUWIJK
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