Senior Software Engineer bij Visualfabriq

Visualfabriq is a young, innovative company providing SAAS solutions to our retail & fast-moving consumer goods clients. The company has seen a lot of growth in the last years and continues to grow every day. Are you looking for a dynamic work environment, where you can expand your knowledge every day? Then we are perfect for you! Join us in building relevant solutions for our customers in an agile and technology exciting environment. Together with our clients and a young team of people we work with fun and a great level of respect and integrity. We deliver together!


We are looking for talented and proactive Python developers to join our team and take responsibility for implementing new business needs in our SaaS solutions. Duties will vary from analyzing requirements and creation of technical design to building new features and unit tests development.

Gevraagd wordt

1. 4+ years software engineering experience
2. Profound Python skills and experience with modules such as Flask and Pandas
3. Experience with distributed (micro-)services and concepts such as ZeroMQ
4. Experience with creating and automating testing (pytest) and containers (Docker)
5. Strong MongodDB and/or other NoSQL skills
6. Background in Linux and networks
7. Desire to learn and excellent communication skills

Bonus points to have:
1. HTML5/JavaScript: React, Bootstrap, D3.js
2. AWS cloud experience
3. Predictive modeling and machine learning frameworks (such as scikit-learn)
4. Experience with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle
5. Knowledge of FMCG and Retail domain areas

Geboden wordt

  • Super smart and friendly colleagues
  • The chance to use and learn cutting edge big data tools
  • Nice modern office with parking space and 5 min walk away from train station
  • Competitive salary


Visualfabriq has a unique, agile data platform and a suite of SaaS applications, so you would be forgiven for thinking we are a team of techies.

But you would be wrong.

Our founders, our management team are all people who have had substantial, committed careers in the FMCG. We happened to become tech-entrepreneurs because we saw that tech offered solutions to our most pressing problem - we had never been able to unlock all necessary data, easily and instantly. We had never been able to integrate Big data and turn it into perfectly objective insights for the optimal decision-making we strived for.

We were burdened by extremely expensive, inert and inflexible tools. We battled with static and always outdated reports.

It’s actually been a deeply personal quest for us to find the best solution in the world for FMCG to transform Big Data into instant, meaningful insights.

But honestly, while rooted in the industry, the agile and flexible solution that really delivered what we needed did not exist. So, eventually, we got together and built it ourselves.

Visualfabriq’s All-in-one Software for Revenue Management started with Trade Promotion Mastertm delivering an end-to-end solution for Trade Promotion Management, Evaluation and Optimization. With Trade Spend Mastertm, we are now moving into the total spectrum of Revenue Management. Visualfabriq is driven by the vision to radically improve revenue management for CPG companies by integrating data, AI, and workflows to greatly empower their employees and create more profit. This vision is recognized by our clients who report significant improvements in forecast accuracy and trade fund usage; and by the leading analysts who have recognized us as “best in class for Financial Orientation and Simulation Post Event Analytics” (POI), “market vendor” (Gartner), and, an “innovative CPG SaaS solution” (Forrester).

Today, we are proud that our leading FMCG customers and Analysts recognize visualfabriq’s unique capabilities to deliver what we wanted for ourselves, and that Visualfabriq deliver better, faster and cheaper solutions to unleash the excellence of our customers bringing back the craftsmanship where it belongs. In the business.

Working for visualfabriq
At visualfabriq you get the chance to expand yourself, to be a jack-of-all-trades as you roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done to build the business and bring an entrepreneurial vision into reality.

“Visualfabriq hit the ground running with a number of great customers, so right from the beginning we had a lot on our plates. What we had on our side, was a great team of committed people who were determined to get our game-changing solutions into those first customers’ hands. These early implementations were filled with learning and we’ve used that to take a great step up in our processes, procedures and routines. We’ve positioned ourselves to go from start-up to scale-up, ready to take on more implementations.” - Mike van der Niet, visualfabriq’s first employee.

Join us in building relevant solutions for our customers in an agile and technology exciting environment. Together with our clients and a young team of people we work with fun with a great level of respect and integrity where we take full accountability for our actions. We deliver together! Welcome to the World of Visualfabriq.

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