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Senior Front-end JavaScript Software Engineer bij Cyclomedia

Senior Front-end JavaScript Software Engineer bij Cyclomedia

Werkgever Cyclomedia
Cyclomedia is looking for a Frontend JavaScript Software Engineer! Cyclomedia is an innovation driven company with a welcoming attitude towards contributing your own ideas. Powerful laptops with dual screens. Cutting edge JavaScript libraries and architecture. Our office is easy to reach by car or public transport.


A typical day may look like this. One by one the team members arrive at the office. Because we love Scrum, the team gathers at 10am for the daily stand-up. On a big screen, Jira shows the items of the current 3-week sprint, which is now halfway done. One team member mentions that he received an automated email from Jenkins about a failing unit test in the master branch after a feature branch was merged yesterday, and he’ll look at it because he worked on that branch.

Another team member had to troubleshoot an important support issue for a customer, and he’ll pick up a new work item from the board. The third team member summarizes some details from a meeting yesterday and asks if someone can help him with a certain rendering issue in IE11. Someone makes a joke about how nice it would be to have an extra team member. Then they grab another coffee and head back to work.

Gevraagd wordt

Imagery is at the heart of CycloMedia: every year we capture millions of panoramas (Cycloramas) from our cars as well as from boats, and in the Netherlands, we partner with other companies to capture aerial imagery from the sky, straight from above as well as from a bird’s eye perspective. Our team is responsible for the software to visualize those images and more. Additionally, we add value to the product, for instance by providing measurement tools, projecting 2D or 3D data onto our maps and panoramas, and visualizing height profiles.

We are looking for a technology enthusiast with proven skills in frontend web development. You feel right at home with cutting edge technologies like ECMAScript 6/7, HTML5, React and Redux (or Angular). You understand the importance of a good UI and UX design, but also code readability and maintainability. You have eye for detail without losing the big picture. If you have experience with GIS, 3D or map projections, or WebGL, that’s a plus (but this can be learned!), just like communicational skills. English is not a problem for you.

We solicit applications from individuals with a strong background in HTML5 frontend web development, specifically skilled with proven knowledge and implementation skills of before named technologies or related areas. We offer the opportunity to work with experienced software engineers in a flexible and creative industrial environment on cutting edge technologies.

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Guru with web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experience with React, Redux, Less / Sass, ECMAScript 6/7, Webpack (or experience with another module bundler).
  • Analytical thinker
  • Good interpersonal skills and a can-do attitude, initiative, creativity and flexibility
  • Strong collaboration skills, the ability to work independently and prioritize work and to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Geboden wordt

  • Full time job in a young and dynamic team of scientists and software engineers
  • Additional benefits and perks (laptop, pension contribution)
  • Internationally oriented company
  • Starting as soon as possible


CycloMedia is market and technology leader in large-scale systematic visualization of environments, making accurately positioned 360° panoramic images from public roads (Cycloramas) and distributing aerial images. The in-house developed and patented Cyclorama technology allows high quality panoramic images to be produced annually on a nationwide scale in a highly automated cloud based processing pipeline and quality control process. Some specifics: the panoramic recording system has a speed of 10 images per second, resolution of 100Mpx and a precision of <10cm accuracy. Customers use our images to accurately measure objects (location and sizes). CycloMedia supplies its accurately positioned images in combination with user friendly software (Street Smart) that plugs into the existing customer GIS software applications. Street Smart uses the exact recording locations and perfect geometry of the images to geo-tag objects and to visualize existing geo-information as a precisely positioned data layer on top of the panoramic and aerial images. CycloMedia furthermore develops software to automatically detect and classify objects, and to automatically reconstruct 3D from Cycloramas and aerial images. CycloMedia is unique in covering the complete customer value chain by offering technology, data and applications to add value and lower costs for public and private organizations.

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Ben jij geïnteresseerd in bovenstaand profiel? Cyclomedia ziet graag jouw sollicitatie tegemoet! Door middel van het klikken op de solliciteerbutton kom je in een overzichtelijk sollicitatiescherm waar je met jouw CV, LinkedIn profiel of onze CV bouwer kan reageren op de vacature van Senior Front-end JavaScript Software Engineer bij Cyclomedia.

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