Medior BigData Engineer bij Big DataRepublic





BigData Republic is a consultancy company in the area of big data engineering, data science and data architectures.


  • Data engineers are full stack engineers/developers
  • Full working proficiency in Dutch and English is mandatory
  • Architecting solutions to collect, stream, store and analyse a variety of data 
  • Designing scalable systems 
  • Working with large sets of structured and unstructured data 
  • Design trend detection/pattern recougnition algorithms for predictive analytics 
  • Flexibly research and develop new technologies as need changes 
  • Working with other teams to define/refine requirements and provide solutions

There is great deal of overlap between roles in BigData Republic. For instance, a data scientist might use the Hadoop ecosystem to serve up answers to their data questions, and a data engineer might be programming an iterative machine learning algorithm to run over a Spark cluster. Even though these tracks are separate in our program, some companies prefer that candidates are comfortable with aspects from both data science and data engineering.

Gevraagd wordt

  • BA/BS/MS/or PhD, with strong academic record, ideally in Artificial intelligence, Mathematics, Computer Science, OR, Statistics or other quantitative field
  • Experience working with large data sets (both structured and unstructured) using technologies such as MapReduce, Hadoop, HBase, Hive and NoSQL
  • Experience with visualization technologies
  • Experience with predictive analytics using R or SaS in PoC/prototyping is a plus
  • Experience with real-time analysis of sensor/data from Internet of Things is a plus
  • Preferred candidates have several years of software engineering experience in Big Data
  • Preferred skills / tool experience:
    - Scripting / dynamic languages, such as Python / Bash / Ruby
    - Programming languages: Java /Scala/C++
    - Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J etc.
    - SQL, REST API’s/ JSON o Linux and Bash scripting
    - Search systems (Lucene / ElasticSearch / SOLR)
    - Agile software development
    - Front-end coding (HTML5 / JavaScript / AngularJS)


BigData Republic is a consultancy company in the area of big data engineering, data science and data architectures. We provide consultancy, training & support and help customers in their transition from previous generation information architectures to the new generation of Big Data technologies and analytics.

We don’t see our area of expertise as a playground, where we do only R&D at our customers expense, but we rather go for tangible results. Our consultants have a scientific background but are pragmatic in the execution and understand it all comes down to business value. Our Consultants are industry experts and thought-leaders who have worked extensively with Hadoop, NoSQL databases like Cassandra, CouchDB, search technologies like Elasticsearch, Solr and related technologies like R, Python etc.