Medior Java Engineer bij Undagrid B.V. Enschede

We are looking for an amazing Full Stack Developer to maintain, design and develop the backend made with Nodejs, Express and Mongodb.


You will be the central hub, bringing together our backend and frontend technologies. You will support the backend application written in Scala/Java and creating support tools. Next to this our frontend team needs your help with backend integrations.

Gevraagd wordt

You know enough about

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • Mongodb
  • NodeRed
  • MQTT
  • Java/Scala
  • PostgreSQL
  • Akka/Play

Geboden wordt

You’ll be working on things like extending existing api’s, dashboard functionality, custom business logic, analytics tools and sensor data processing.


Undagrid provides endless opportunities to optimize logistical processes and create new services based on assets. They ‘smarten’ these assets with an autonomous communication network in combination with an innovative tracking technology. This enhances entire work flows in quality and efficiency, making your business processes more efficient and your company more competitive

Hengelosestraat 500 in ENSCHEDE