Internship Assignment AI / Machine Learning bij Maistering Amsterdam

The internship is with the company Maistering, a global start-up with strong foundations as it is funded by experienced players and following a game plan to become global leader in the new category of orchestration tooling. Maistering is leveraging AI to support business leaders to master their objectives and execution, stimulate and facilitate their teams and maximize impact today and mid-term.


The Research topic of this internship is the learning aspect of Artificial Intelligence, applied to the domain of business leaders. We are creating a toolset that augments CXO’s and other leaders in their day to day work, in other words, the toolset should support activities like strategizing, inspiring, delegating, prioritizing etc. The research should analyse what kind of AI learning techniques and tools could be applicable for these situations. Important to notice is that, in contrast with many recent AI use cases, the data sets available for learning will not always be large. Therefore, part of the research should focus on AI learning techniques that are not based on large data sets.
Typical research questions also include: What kind of technology solutions exist in the market, in what stage of maturity? Who are interesting start-ups in this domain? Who are the leaders? Is there a “Hype Cycle” for these technologies? What other technologies are on the same hype cycle? What is the key functionality of the identified products? Is there a (Gartner) analyst Taxonomy for this domain?

Gevraagd wordt

Time Line
The internship starts somewhere between December 2018 and January 2019. The duration will be 4 to 6 months.

The internship will be conducted in an international setting, all communication will be conducted in the English language.

Geboden wordt

A compensation of 750-950 euro per month will be provided. If (occasional) travel to other than the regular office is required, travel costs will be covered.

Location of the internship will be at the Maistering office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Modern technology has touched everything, but the master himself. Maistering creates radical change, by leveraging AI to turn the holistic, intuitive art of orchestration into practical power.

While Maistering has built a unique toolset, their essence is to bring modern CXO’s unprecedented leadership reach and Zen in their journeys from intent to impact.
Maistering will roll out to five countries in 2019 and start in 2018 with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore. Their client lab is established in Amsterdam in a unique building in the capital’s harbor. Their development team is situated in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore.

Vijzelstraat 68-72 in AMSTERDAM
Offline vacature. Solliciteren is niet meer mogelijk.