Full Stack (Python/NodeJS) programmer bij yourapi

We are looking for a Full Stack (Python/NodeJS) programmer who has a higher education (preferably in computer science) and is a keen programmer - or motivated to become one. Experience as a Python programmer is a definite advantage, but we can help you become a good Full Stack (Python/NodeJS) programmer. You work in a small team which values open cooperation. You will be working on the further development of our service


We are developing:
A programmable, scalable, secure backend as a high level replacement for traditional databases. The service is exposed as a REST interface where all the resources are fully programmable by the customer, at first in Python, but other languages (Javascript, PHP, Java, C#, GraphQL in addition to REST) will be supported. Some of the technologies we use are: Kubernetes, Docker, Google cloud services, Google data store, Github, CDN, many Python modules, Abstract Syntax Trees, Node.js etc.

The REST interface is immediately available to the customer as an extremely scalable and available service. We build our service on top of Google cloud services, which we use to provide this service world wide.
We will launch the service in a closed beta in the beginning of 2018 and will go public somewhere in the second half of 2018. Our ambition is to be the number 1 programmable backend provider, supporting tens of thousands of customers world wide.

You'll be working on the further development of our service, using Python. Hopefully you bring some Python experience, but a background in another language is fine too.

Gevraagd wordt

Geboden wordt

  • Competitive salary
  • Permanent contract
  • Flexible hours
  • Full or part time contract
  • State of the art development environment (state of the art laptop, dual 4K monitors, advanced IDE etc)

Whether or not you bring previous programming experience, we'll help you become a good or even better programmer. Extend your superskills, join yourapi!


We are a small, innovative firm in the Netherlands. yourapi was born out of our own frustration in building a scalable, maintainable large enterprise-application. We set out to build a process engine and soon realized that the only way we would stand a chance of pulling this off, was to divide all parts of the process engine in microservices.

Although microservices can solve a lot of problems when designed well, the benefits are on the user side of microservices. Building, testing, deploying and scaling microservices are very hard when a large number of microservices must be developed.

So we first took the time to build ourselves a microservices development environment. Our previous experience with enterprise scale deployment of software robots had led to a great awareness of the need for availability and reliability. We combined the need for reliable microservices and an overwhelming number of microservices for the process engine to build this microservices platform.

When we were almost done building the process engine, we discovered that we had built a valuable platform for ourselves. It would be a shame not to provide this platform to other developers who struggle like us in developing and deploying a reliable RESTful API.

yourapi was born out of our own needs, we hope many developers will profit from our efforts!

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