Front-End Developer at ViNotion

Science & fiction make reality! At a party you tell your friend that you work at an innovative company. What do we do at ViNotion? We create “smart solutions” for visual monitoring and detection, using Artificial Intelligence in combination with cameras. Imagine that you can detect, classify and monitor everything a camera sees. This opens a world of possibilities in the field of Crowd Management, Traffic & Mobility, Smart City applications, public safety, defense and many more!


Your product
ViNotion has a product range known as ViSense. This product range exists of: ViSense CrowdDynamics, ViSense TrafficDynamics, ViSense MobilityDynamics & Visense MaritimeDynamics. Each product has different features and focuses on specific traffic participants. Moreover, each product is complementary, offering flexibility to our customers. We are looking to extend our product range with more advanced video analysis features and a cloud storage for data acquisition, processing and presentation. As an R&D engineer, you are an important link in the chain and will help ViNotion to offer Software as a Service (SaaS).

Your creativity
You will be focusing on the further development of our ViSense User Interface. This dashboard allows our customers to view all analytical data. You will have a say in the visualization and other insights in the dashboard. It is your task to make the user interface as user friendly and intuitive as possible.  Your contribution and original ideas are appreciated and encouraged. An example of the GUI can be found in the following YouTube links: or Your work will be seen by governmental agencies, mobility consultants, national services and even international relations in the mobility-event and maritime sector.

Your typical day at ViNotion

Relaxed you enter the Eindhoven office, where the coffee machine awaits you. You take a sip of your coffee while starting up your computer. Your colleagues trickle in and share their new stories. You check your mail, agenda  and watch the feedback of your colleagues on your source code on ReviewBoard. You process your reviews and offer an improved version for review to your colleagues. On your Task Kanban it shows that you will start on a new graphical lay-out of the GUI. You pitch your ideas to your colleagues and use their feedback to get started. In the afternoon you will focus on two different tasks: writing a piece of Javascript to retrieve data using our API and a script to convert this data into graphs. To improve the user friendliness of our UI, you will process the feedback of our customers. Your challenge lies in generating the most intuitive user experience with a minimal number of clicks. You will be focusing on 3 points:

  • GUI architecture: optimizing the modular data statistics to run as efficient as possible
  • Enhance the user experience and adding new features
  • Future vision: realizing a Multi Device Dashboard that allows our customer to control all their devices from a single location

Satisfied, you return home to start the next day re-energized and full of new ideas.

Gevraagd wordt

Experience summary:

  • A completed degree in College (HBO) or University (WO) with an ICT background
  • Experience with Javascript, HTML5, CSS, JQuery
  • Experience with Ember CLI & Ember Data is a strong advantage. Otherwise, experience with JavaScript-frameworks and corresponding data models, such as Angular JS or Backbone JS-processing and the skills to apply this to Ember JS is required.
  • Experience with user interaction concepts and graphical design
  • Good communication skills within a team and towards clients
  • Self-reliant and pro-active work ethic
  • You are continuously looking to improve yourself, for example by keeping up-to-date with the most recent technological advances

You are / You have:

  • Must-have: Experience in object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • Must-have: Excellent English skills, both oral and written
  • Pro: Dutch skills, both oral and written
  • Pro: Living in or near Eindhoven
  • Pro: Experience and affinity with programming in a Linux environment
  • Pro: Experience with REST APIs and Websockets
  • Beneficial: Experience with SCSS preprocessor
  • Beneficial: Experience with C/C++
  • Beneficial: Experience and affinity with server-side scripting languages, such as Node.js

Geboden wordt

This is in it 4 you?

We offer an independent and challenging role in a growing organisation, with a dynamical working environment and an informal and young team of co-workers.

  • Salary in line with market practise
  • Payment of divident
  • Room for personal contributions and development
  • Working in a relaxed atmosphere with welcoming colleagues
  • Annual contract with possibilities for a regular employment



Met machine learning en deep learning realiseert ViNotion software oplossingen waarmee mensen en verkeer met een camera automatisch en real-time gedetecteerd en geclassificeerd worden. ViNotion is in staat om verschillende objecten met behulp van voorbeeld foto’s of video in te leren en te modelleren. Met deze technieken en algoritmes bouwt ViNotion slimme observatiesystemen die zich met name richten op de volgende toepassingen:

  1. analyse van voetgangers en fietsen; met het label ViSense CrowdDynamics;
  2. analyse van voertuigen; met het label ViSense TrafficDynamics;
  3. mobiliteitsanalyses en consultancy; met het label ViSense MobilityDynamics;
  4. waterwegmanagement en analyses; met het label ViSense MaritimeDynamics.

Onze software oplossingen genereren data uit beeld waardoor sturing mogelijk wordt gemaakt. ViNotion kan hiermee inzichten verschaffen in de dynamiek van verkeer. Denk hierbij aan onder andere; aantallen, snelheid, verplaatsingspaden, GPS posities, dichtheid, congestie, en nog veel meer!


ViNotion is in maart 2007 opgericht als een spin-off van de Video Coding and Architectures groep, onderdeel van de Signal Processing Systems afdeling van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e). ViNotion ontwikkelt software voor videobeeldinterpretatie en participeert in nationale en internationale projecten. ViNotion heeft belangrijke bouwblokken voor beeldanalyse ontwikkeld voor specifieke markten die zijn geoptimaliseerd voor gebruik in de verkeers- en passantentelsystemen. Voor het Research & Development programma werkt ViNotion nauw samen met de TU/e.


Het ontwikkelen en vermarkten van high-tech innovaties met beeldanalyse technologie voor het creëren van waardevolle inzichten.


Wij bieden de meest uitgebreide informatie verkrijgbaar op de markt met gewaarborgde privacy. Hiermee creëren we inzicht voor elke situatie met personen en verkeer. In 2022 wordt ViSense gebruikt in de top 10 steden van Nederland en wereldwijd in minstens 10 landen.

Daalakkersweg 2-58 in EINDHOVEN
Offline vacature. Solliciteren is niet meer mogelijk.