Mydatafactory was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands (W. Europe) with a vision to provide a revolutionary solution to cleanse and match product data. Mydatafactory offers software as a service (SAAS) to make sure product data boosts your business rather than causing headaches and exhaustive effort to maintain the data. The tooling provides functionality to cleanse, merge and match product data. Rather than a rule/function based approach, the mydatafactory tooling uses smart advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from the data.

About Mydatafactory 

Mydatafactory is changing the product data cleansing and matching landscape due to exciting and disruptive solutions they develop. They offer these solutions as a standard service. Yes, they do listen to their customers very carefully in terms of the roadmap, but they will keep a strong focus on their mission to enable low key entry to their solutions to leverage direct value from small size to large size companies.

Mydatafactory works with the latest technologies (ElasticSearch, Docker, MS Azure and Java 8/Python/.NET) to deliver solutions at global scale. Their software is developed using serveral partners and related tehnology to focus on what they do best. They work in teams in which new software versions are developed using agile flow. Developers, architects and operational engineers all work together in one team.

Clients and projects

Mydatafactory is used by midsize and large enterprises where product data is a fundamental source of information. Their platform scales the scare knowledge among employees using Artificial Intelligence. The applications vary from automated supplier data onboarding to boosting the sales conversion in eCommerce solutions. 

Working at Mydatafactory

The team is the most valuable core asset of mydatafactory. The standard workspace offers you an (motorized) height adjustable desk to stand or sit working, a high-end laptop and one (or more if you want) high-res screens including all accessoiries you need. As a team they love to work hard, but play hard as well. Blow off steam with some dart and chill in their hangout lounge.

To them, you are more than an employee. So expect no senseless hierarchies, just open discussions and transparency. AND your fair share of family gatherings, celebrations and vacations. If you want to join their team, ready yourself to learn a lot, laugh a lot, go beyond what you thought possible – and change the world with them. Welcome to Mydatafactory.

Where is Mydatafactory located?

The office of Mydatafactory can be found in Meppel. With lots of bus stops in the neighbourhood, the company can be easily reached by public transport or by car.

3 vacatures

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