Leading modern business, inspiring people, mobilizing teams, engaging communities, disrupting and impacting, is still an artisanal craft.

About Maistering 

Modern technology has touched everything, but the master himself. Maistering creates radical change, by leveraging AI to turn the holistic, intuitive art of orchestration into practical power.

While Maistering has built a unique toolset, their essence is to bring modern CXO’s unprecedented leadership reach and Zen in their journeys from intent to impact.

Maistering will roll out to five countries in 2019 and start in 2018 with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore. Their client lab is established in Amsterdam in a unique building in the capital’s harbor. Their development team is situated in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore.

Clients and projects 

Maistering is carefully selecting a dozen CXOs of large enterprises in various domains and industries for the first pilot that will start in October.

The first emphasis will be on marketing, sales and talent leaders. In this phase they limit themselves to one CXO per industry. The pilots will be limited to major European countries for the time being.

Strong implementation teams will train the masters in the power of the Maistering toolset and help wiring it into the wider enterprise context.

Working at Maistering

Become part of the unique combination of a startup vibe with enterprise-level exposure. Build next generation application services that fuse AI and mixed reality. Create a unique toolset, designed to turn every executive into a master of impact. Develop yourself within a company that has global reach and diversity built into its DNA. They help their clients to become masters.

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