Copas was founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2000, with the aim to deliver Information Technology for port terminals and a strong focus on container terminals.

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About Copas

At first Copas became an authorized distributor of first class products from other suppliers and soon started the development of specific additional modules for Electronic Data Interchange and the internet. With the acquisition of STEPII in 2005, Copas became the proud owner of a container terminal control system.

A more elaborated second version of STEPII was introduced in 2009, which evolved into STEP by the end of 2012. This version supports every main activity of a modern container terminal today.

Whether you are looking for a specific module to be linked to your systems or you want a fully fledged container terminal system, Copas is your partner. Its highly skilled team (over 150 cumulative man years of business experience) is well prepared to guide Copas' clients through the transitions in front of them. Today several terminals selected STEP as the container terminal control system for their terminals. 

Copas is a young company, focused and customer driven. The needs of their customers drive the further development of the STEP application suite.

Copas has consciously chosen for J2EE technology as the basis of its application suite and cooperates with most databases under which SQL Server and Oracle DB. This is a proven choice leading to a scalable computer system.

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Clients and projects

Copas works for and with a few of the biggest port terminals in Europe. Amongst them are:




24x7 Support
Life is often quite stressful at terminals and maybe something unexpected or unknown just happened. Copas will help right away with showstoppers, and the next working day with any other issue.

Staff just grew or it needs an update of their computer skills or they want to know the latest new features in STEP and its modules. Copas can organize dedicated software training in their offices in Rotterdam or at the client's premises.

Project Management
The introduction of a new IT system is a good time to reconsider some of the operational procedures; a transition. At Copas they made that their specialty. Their project managers are experts in guiding teams through transitions.


Where is Copas located?

The office is located in Barendrecht, very near the harbour city of Rotterdam. The office can be easily reached by public transport (train, metro, tram) and also has (limited) parking facilities.



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