Brainum is a successful and fast growing IT company, specialized in the development and implementation of mission critical software for liquid bulk storage and trading companies. Their in-house developed software system “QINO” helps their customers to get into control of their business  processes and brings “peace of mind” in tank terminal management. QINO is the result of their deep understanding of the business of their customers and results in higher profitability, compliance and client satisfaction.

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About Brainum

Brainum specializes in tank terminal IT solutions that achieve operational and commercial advantage for clients through fully integrated IT solutions built on deep business understanding. What makes this possible is complete focus on systems for tank terminals only and an agile, independent team that has many years of experience in the oil storage sector."Focus. Agility. Advantage."

Brainum was officially established in 2007, following the development of their flagship IT solution, in 2005. The solution was developed with a large Dutch tank terminal operator for its own use - ensuring it is tailored to a terminal's operational and commercial needs.

IT administration and management solutions by Brainum set the industry standard while being tailored, helping clients manage operations, personnel and commerce, with operational and commercial benefit.

There are three distinguishing features to the service that Brainum provides:

  • Focus: Brainum focuses completely on IT systems for tank terminals. This means they really understand the business and they appreciate the importance of integrating functionality in the sector. In this way they strive to set the industry standard while tailoring to the client's needs.
  • Agility: Brainum's team is independent, energetic and flexible, and is supported by global industry partners.
  • Advantage: At the end of the day, Brainum aims to deliver operational and commercial advantage for tank terminal businesses, which is made possible by focus and agility.


Clients and projects

Brainum has clients in three continents, ranging from household names such BP and Q8, to companies such as Interstream Barging and Nova Terminals. More than 1500 individuals use Brainum’s products worldwide.

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Working at Brainum

Brainum is entering a new phase, transforming from a start-up into an agile, mature organisation. In 2015, they grew 90%, and also in 2017 a healthy growth is expected! Don’t expect to enter a company where everything is regulated in detail, as Brainum is a place where a ‘roll up your sleeves and build it’ attitude is most welcome. How often do you find such an opportunity? 

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Where is Brainum located?

Brainum’s headquarters are located in the very heart of the Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht. Their office can easily be reached by public transport, by bicycle or by car.

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