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Oculus Technologies are specialists in high-tech infotainment products and solutions.



About Oculus Technologies

Using the very latest technology and cutting edge design, Oculus products are developed and created for the Superyacht industry, Cruise industry and Private Jet industry all aimed at enriching, empowering and enhancing the user’s experience.   

"Turning ideas into reality."

From systems and devices to bespoke solutions, Oculus products can be found worldwide in ships, yachts and jets.


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Working at Oculus Technologies

Oculus Technologies was established in 2009 by Kim Jansen and Stefan van Cleef. Kim has a background in IT/ Electrical Engineering and Stefan is an Industrial Design Engineer. Both are passionate about the ocean and have many years of experience in the maritime industry.

The Oculus team is growing rapidly and they are always looking for talent. Their ambition is to expand their core business in yachting to related markets while staying the #1 provider for exclusive infotainment solutions.




Where is Oculus Technologies located?

Oculus Technologies is located in Amsterdam. You'll find their office in the lovely green Rembrandtpark, not for away from the Amsterdam-Lelylaan metro station. It goes withing saying that the office can be easily reached by public transport.



Soon, the Oculus Technologies office will be moving to the city of Barendrecht, near Rotterdam. 

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