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Crunchr is an online application that makes people data analytics easy. Organisations face the challenge to create useful insights from all the employee data that they have. This data is scattered across multiple sources and even when they have all data available, organisations find it difficult to actually use it effectively. Crunchr makes people analytics accessible to these organisations. In short: we help organisations to collect, validate and use all available people data. 

Crunchr was launched in Europe in October 2014 and in the US in October 2015. In 2015 Gartner included Crunchr in their global top-5 list of ‘cool vendors’ in human capital management. Dirk, one of the founders, was on the Dutch Young Entrepreneurs top-50 in 2016. Our team is young and ambitious. Together, we work hard to realize an international growth plan for 2016. External investors have made it possible to invest in marketing, sales and product development to capture an important piece of the people analytics market, first in the Netherlands, then Europe and the US!


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