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Astrata Europe B.V. Reliable, Simple, Affordable. At Astrata Europe B.V. we enable more effective fleet management by providing real-time business insights for transport and logistics companies of all sizes. We give fleet operators reliable integrated control of their entire operations, so they can make the most productive use of their human and vehicle assets to run profitable businesses.
Astrata Europe B.V. provides comprehensive wireless platforms and services, including two-way data communications systems, productivity-enhancing applications, wireless advisory and managed network services and enterprise-level consulting. Our solutions benefit many industries, including transportation and logistics, construction, manufacturing and retail.

Our culture: 
We realize creative and innovative solutions with a group of hard working people in 8 different European countries. Every person in our organization is part of a team that enables safe, sustainable and cost-effective transport and logistics. Pro-active communication and collaboration, through asking questions, listening to each other, being open and honest, informing each other, giving and receiving feedback and knowing and respecting each other’s capabilities and limits of responsibilities are the core elements of the success of our organization. By combining this with good preparation and doing what we say we will do, we are able to offer the best solutions to our customers.


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