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Medior Software Engineer bij Helloprint

TOP VACATURE: Medior Software Engineer bij Helloprint

Werkgever Helloprint

Helloprint, the most attractive work environment of the Netherlands, is looking for a Medior Software Engineer


Tired of busy offices, where marketing and customer service frequently interrupt you during complex programming? Working with cheap hardware and an OS which does not suit you, while the HR department imposes difficult procedures and salary scales which do not take your teams and your individual performance into account? Working for a manager who doesn’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript? Tired of all the bullshit management, unnecessary rules and lack of courage and creativity?
At Helloprint we can imagine that. Our board is formed by guys and girls like you! Therefore, we dare to say that the work environment we provide, is quite simply the most attractive in the Netherlands:
• A dedicated IT office, forbidden to access for marketing and customer service;
• Both silent workstations and open spaces to work with tech colleagues;
• Ping pong table and mega screen Playstation;
• A budget for you and your tech colleagues to organize and furnish the workplaces to your own taste;
• The most amazing office location: at the heart of Rotterdam, in the middle of the Witte de With street (next to Blender). Bad for your health, great for the atmosphere;
• Flexible working hours (between 07:00 am and 21:00 pm) and 32-hour working week if desired (but 40 hours is our preference);
• High-end laptop and/or desktop with OS of your choice and 3 monitors.
Invent, develop and challenge the market, that's your job. As a software engineer you are fully responsible and informed of all business flows within the Helloprint platform. You know all the ins and outs of the supporting processes. You’ll build new cool elements and consider it a sport to get them live. You know what to do in case of escalation and provide guidance to internal and external customers.

Gevraagd wordt

Most importantly, we are looking for software engineers who have a passion for the job. You're in love with new technologies, programming, inventing, internet and e-commerce. You are fully dedicated to software development and programming. You're someone who wants to get everything out of your life. You are not afraid of changes, nor the young age of our team and creativity is your middle name. It is also important that you have the following skills:
• You are able to design and develop a complete system;
• At least 7 years of programming experience;
• At least 5years of proven experience with PHP (PHP7 is a plus);
• GIT Maesters experience;
• (A lot of) Experience with Linux, MySQL and PHP frameworks;
• Knowledge of other programming languages.
It’s a plus if you have one or more of the following skills:
• Knowledge of Ubuntu;
• Knowledge of DevOps;
• Strong knowledge of system architecture;
• Knowledge of OSX/Linux development platform;
• Experience in coaching trainees and jr. developers.

Geboden wordt

Ok, that sounds cool. But print? Isn’t that a boring business? Well, not at Helloprint. You may know us from our label ‘Drukzo’. With a young and highly motivated team Helloprint develops innovative business models at lightning speed, renewing the market continuously. You might think print is a boring business in an ancient culture, but at Helloprint it is anything but. Meet the most ambitious start-up of the Netherlands:
• We currently have about 60 colleagues and grow by 25 to 50 employees each year;
• Our tech team is large and diverse enough to learn from each other, but small enough to have a serious impact on results and outcomes;
• The average age of our team is 29 years;
• We are the fastest growing e-commerce business in the Benelux countries;
• An international environment which allows you to grow at rapid pace. With offices in Rotterdam, London and Valencia and very soon in France;
• Fast career growth: individual development plans, fast routes-to-success, Zend Certification and conferences such as Laracon and PHPcon;
• The possibility to grow incredibly fast in our organization and make it to our board. Seriously, our whole board is formed by guys like you;
• Freedom, responsibility and creativity. At Helloprint, you decide how you fulfill your job yourself. We are quite different in this compared to other companies, to be frank, because we truly belief in responsibility;
• We offer good salaries and great bonus schemes which can exceed 35 % of you yearly salary. We love to share when we have success and hard work and success will pay off;
• We pride ourselves for our parties and work trips. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is our motto.


Helloprint is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the Benelux. Started in 2013 by 4 young guys with a dream, quickly grown to be an international e-commerce platform with more than 100 team members, growing at lightning speed. At Helloprint, we never sit still and are hungry for growth, every day. Our platform, now live in 6 countries (and counting), are visited by millions of visitors per year and we're hungry for more. We're continiously looking for "better" and "bigger". With everything we do, our teams ask themselves "Why?". Because we know it can always be better, easier, faster and nicer.

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Ben jij geïnteresseerd in bovenstaand profiel? Helloprint ziet graag jouw sollicitatie tegemoet! Door middel van het klikken op de solliciteerbutton kom je in een overzichtelijk sollicitatiescherm waar je met jouw CV, LinkedIn profiel of onze CV bouwer kan reageren op de vacature van Medior Software Engineer bij Helloprint.

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